Hilton Olympia required a way of monitoring the fire alarms via SMS messaging to eliminate false alarms and sending occupants onto the street in the middle of the night. Tyrrell Systems installed their Graphical reporting system connected to 4 networked Kentec Syncro fire panels and installed TextAlert which repeats the alarm messages via SMS. This gives the Facilities managers crucial minutes to investigate the alarm during the search and seek time before the system goes into full alarm.


Brunel University has contracted Tyrrell Systems to upgrade their existing graphics fire alarm monitoring system that is predominantly hard wired to a fully resilient IP network. The site fire system is being gradually upgraded from Kidde fire panels to Kentec. The client required both fire systems to run seamlessly together on the same GUI as the upgrade takes place. Each fire panel is now connected independently via a fire IP interface which has eliminated the need of the old hardwire network and we can easily change the driver to suit as the panel upgrade takes place.


Cath Hindley

Operations Director,

Tyler Sturge

Southern Operations Manager,

Ged Tyrrell

Managing Director,

In data centres throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Western Europe, Tyrrell Systems installed an integrated remote monitoring
system based on the Communicator 9 integration platform and the eBMS/WebServer by Tyrrell Products.
The Communicator on each site is intelligently connected to UPS systems, Air Conditioning Units, Fire Alarms, DC Plant, Generators,
Metering, Leak detection and more.
Our eBMS/WebServer graphical user interface and alarm reporting system operates on redundant servers with automatic
failover, delivering critical information that helps the business make the best possible choices in the event of equipment failure or
underperformance. Statistical data helps them increase PUE and reduce operating costs, whilst maintaining the correct conditions.

Level 3 Communications,

eBMS/HVAC control system was used to provide controls, monitoring and integration of plant and services at a major new MOD development
for 6 blocks. eBMS/HVAC, which is based on the Tridium Niagara AX framework running on JACE hardware, works with eBMS/IO modules to
achieve comprehensive control of heating plant and the connection of metering. eBMS/HVAC automatically produces graphics and also generates
documentation and wiring schedules as part of the streamlined web-based engineering process. Hand/Off/Auto controls provided as standard on
the IO modules are also monitored by the web-based interface and every point on the system is not only logged and alarm-enabled but can also be
overridden through the user interface. The result is a web-based control system completed up to four times faster than that of traditional systems
such as Trend or TAC.

MOD Army Barracks,

The Pfizer site at Sandwich has contracted Tyrrell Systems to install, commission and maintain numerous fire monitoring systems from manufacturers including Kidde, Xtralis, Kentec and others. Kidde addressable fire detection systems handle complex cause and effect strategy for process plant as well as office space. Xtralis Vesda systems are also used extensively across the site as well as Voice Alarm systems, which are integrated to the different fire systems around the estate. The entire suite is then linked into a fully integrated CrossTalk Graphical Alarm Reporting System on the IT network. There is a CrossTalk server and several network-based clients providing comprehensive alarm management, device isolation management and full interactive control through live graphics which reveal every detector and panel on the site.

The Pfizer site at Sandwich,