MOD Army Barracks

eBMS/HVAC control system was used to provide controls, monitoring and integration of plant and services at a major new MOD development
for 6 blocks. eBMS/HVAC, which is based on the Tridium Niagara AX framework running on JACE hardware, works with eBMS/IO modules to
achieve comprehensive control of heating plant and the connection of metering. eBMS/HVAC automatically produces graphics and also generates
documentation and wiring schedules as part of the streamlined web-based engineering process. Hand/Off/Auto controls provided as standard on
the IO modules are also monitored by the web-based interface and every point on the system is not only logged and alarm-enabled but can also be
overridden through the user interface. The result is a web-based control system completed up to four times faster than that of traditional systems
such as Trend or TAC.